This example is very eyecatching to me. There are a few different elements that jump at me in this picture. We can see the use of typography, size, balance, color, weight.
The first thing I noticed is the font used in different sizes creating contrast and giving the picture some chunky texture.
The image has balance from different angles. Notice the T’s on the page help balance the design on the left and the right side. While the I and S’s repeated oversized sizing balance the middle. Another area where balance is noticeable is the stacking of the four-letter “Trio,” and Fest, balancing out the top five letter Piano.
I believe that the design has a playful vibe to it, its a piano fest, and the use of the colors black and white could be interpreted as a play on the color of piano keys. I do like this example; it’s very simple and straight to the point. 

In this next design, we notice a few principles applied; we have proximity, similarity, color, symmetry.
When it comes to proximity, it’s applied where we have two horizontal rows shown throughout the design.
The similarity is applied where the same size, color, and shaped dots are spread out throughout the entire design.
Symmetry, with the arrangement of the same shapes, arranged next to each other.
Balance is achieved with how symmetrical the dots are arranged through the design.
I like this example; it’s very practical at expressing time. It’s a very clean and balanced design. The use of white space is equally balanced. Weight is equally distributed and pleasing to the eye; they’re no competing elements.

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